Amazing Graze Barn

About Us

It all began with Jason & Tay's Love Story!!!
Love is the foundation of our relationship and everything we do. It changes how we interact with each other and those around us. It deepens our awareness of others and enables us to accomplish some pretty awesome things. Our love story began in college and since then is has multiplied to include 7 children and a 1000 acre farm we affectionately call First Fruits Farm. Loving our neighbor is the goal. And although we are not perfect, we aim to build relationships with those in our community: to give, to love and to grow.

The Amazing Graze Barn began with us as we celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary by renewing our wedding vows at the barn. But we couldn’t let it just end with us. First Fruits Farm is too wonderful a place and the Barn is too unique a venue to just keep to ourselves. Besides, everyone knows Love is best shared! We have since renovated our authentic dairy barn to allow others the opportunity to celebrate their love story where ours left off. And we hope to continue to have love spread on our farm and in our barn for years to come. We’re not just another wedding venue; We are a family where we share our hearts first!

From our love story to yours,

Jason and Tay Brown

One Day Rental
Saturday Wedding 12PM-12AM - $5000
Friday Wedding 1PM-11PM - $4500
Sunday Wedding 2PM-10PM - $4000

Rehearsal Day + Wedding Day
Friday Rehearsal 4PM-10PM + Saturday Wedding 12PM-12AM