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Benchmark Community Bank focuses on serving Southside Virginia and Northern North Carolina. They have been around for nearly 50 years helping area citizens and businesses thrive. They are, always have been, and intend to remain locally owned and operated. Benchmark is a dynamic, full-service financial institution dedicated to the customers and communities they serve. Benchmark Community Bank branches are primarily staffed by local residents whose love of hometown mirrors theirs. Members of the Benchmark family are also individuals who pride themselves in giving exceptional service. They love listening and always want to know what other community members are looking for in a financial institution. They gather this information regularly so that they can make the right decisions on new products and services. By right decisions, we mean, what the people in the community want and need.
This year, Benchmark Community Bank was once again named one of the top 200 community banks in the country by American Banker magazine. There are approximately 5,000 community banks nationwide. This is just one example of the many times that Benchmark has been recognized for its excellence. Benchmark's current CEO is Jay A. Stafford. Stafford has been with the bank since 1987. A native of Fredricksburg, Virginia, Stafford was named President / CEO in May 2017. The senior management team serves as the bank's chief officers: L. Michael Arthur, Jr., Jennifer M. Clark, Steve Creedle, Rick L. Houser, Lee Minix, and Curtis Tyndall.
Benchmark employs over 180 ppl throughout Virginia and North Carolina.


First office was opened in Kenbridge, VA on September 8, 1971.
Jay Stafford, 30 years of service with Benchmark Community Bank
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