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The BLUE COLLIE Coffee Shop is a job opportunity site where students and young adults with an assortment of disabilities (from our rural North Carolina county) have chances to do meaningful work and interface with our local community in a small business setting. The Z.B. Collie Charitable Foundation refurbished an abandoned sandwich shop in downtown Louisburg, North Carolina. We are now in our second year and growing our customer base, along with the amazing development of our special needs staff.
Rural, low wealth counties like Franklin County NC are deserts when it comes to opportunities for these young adults as they departed the public schools.
The Z.B. Collie Foundation, has been a scholarship source enabling local students to attend Engineering, Design & Marine Biology camps at NC State & UNCW, along with a few academic university scholarships to deserving students from local schools.
The BLUE COLLIE COFFEE SHOP project has served the public, and our work crew, for since May 2017, providing employment to many deserving crew members. Franklin County School students from the Occupational Course of Study Program from our high schools rotate through our coffee shop, and many are on a waiting list for when more job openings become available.

Serving the Community one cup at a time.


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