Cal-Maine Foods



About Us

Cal-Maine Foods, Inc. is the largest producer and marketer of shell eggs in the United States. In fiscal 2019, we sold approximately 1,038.9 million dozen shell eggs, which we believe represented approximately 19% of domestic shell egg consumption. Our total flock of approximately 36.2 million layers and 9.4 million pullets and breeders is the largest in the U.S. Layers are mature female chickens, pullets are female chickens usually under 18 weeks of age, and breeders are male and female chickens used to produce fertile eggs to be hatched for egg production flocks.
The Company has one operating segment, which is the production, grading, packaging, marketing and distribution of shell eggs. The majority of our customers rely on us to provide most of their shell egg needs, including specialty and non-specialty eggs. Specialty eggs represent a broad range of products. We classify nutritionally enhanced, cage free, organic and brown eggs as specialty products for accounting and reporting purposes. We classify all other shell eggs as non-specialty products. While we report separate sales information for these egg types, there are many cost factors which are not specifically available for non-specialty or specialty eggs due to the nature of egg production. We manage our operations and allocate resources to these types of eggs on a consolidated basis based on the demands of our customers.
We sell most of our shell eggs in the southwestern, southeastern, mid-western and mid-Atlantic regions of the U.S. through our extensive distribution network to a diverse group of customers.