East Coast Electrical Equipment Company



About Us

East Coast Electrical Equipment Company? opened its doors for the first time 1968, here in Youngsville, North Carolina. Since then, we’ve proudly grown from a humble family business to a company recognized the world over for our extensive electric motor selection. We offer new, used, rebuilt, and remanufactured electric motors and controls to both domestic and international clients of all sizes.

We know that the key to keeping our customers coming back is carrying the specific motors they require, which is why we house the largest inventory of A.C. and D.C. electric motors in the United States. When browsing our catalog of electric motors and electric motor controls ranging from 150 to 22,000 HP in AC Squirrel Cage motors, DC Motors, AC Vertical Motors, AC Synchronous Motors, Full Voltage Starters, Reduced Voltage Starters, Variable Frequency Drives, and Wound Rotor Motors, you’ll quickly realize there’s not a motor or electric motor control that we can’t pair you with for the lowest price available, as well as properly applied.