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An organization Celebrating Diverse Topics through Indie Film Art , Motto - "Building Bridges across Borders” connect with all communities
Franklin Flix Film Festival ( a non profit subsidiary of the North Carolina Indian and South Asian Film festival) intertwines the local and international community with the celebration of diverse cultures and diverse stories through Films in Franklin County, NC.
The Mission of the Film festival is to Screen Short or full feature films presenting Multicultural & International themes and by Multicultural local & by International film Artists; Inspire & motivate people to pursue their passion of filmmaking by creating yearly film touching on local stories with varied concepts and also by provide guidance and tools in developing filmmaking crafts such as screenplay, script, cinematography, marketing and providing resources. Franklin Flix Film Festival draws audience & board members of all races, ethnicity, genders, sects, religious or cultural groups, or national origin. This includes African Americans, Native Americans, Asian Americans, Caucasian Americans, Pacific Islanders, Hispanic or Latino’s Americans, & others. The Franklin Flix Film festival that covers various genre's/ themes/topics from around the world and from local film talent. This is accomplished with moderating a live Q/A /discussion sessions during screening between the filmmakers/other’s talented within the industry and the viewer’s of the film art. The objective is to introduce, educate and to entertain populace of Franklin County, NC.


2023 Film Festival
Box Brown 10 Mn Introduction  - Raleigh Locak -2023 Film
Sarees Accross American Full Feature Film - Local -2023 Film
Line Jumper - Raleigh Local- 2023 Short Film
He -Too - Louisburg Local - 2023 Film
The Awakening of Lilith - South Carolina Film - 2023
I am a Ukaranian - Muisc Video Raleigh Locak - 2023
Fire in the Hole - Raleigh Local - 2023
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2016 Film Festival
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Acting Workshop
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Filmmaking Workshop During Covid
Filmmaking Workshop During Covid