Franklin-Granville-Vance Smart Start



About Us

FGV Smart Start is a non-profit organization led by local volunteers, who design and provide programs and services for families and children in Franklin, Granville, and Vance counties, North Carolina.
FGV Smart Start...
administers Smart Start funds to support programs to benefit children ages 0-5 and their families.
is a catalyst for bringing different groups together for the sake of children educates the community on the critical needs of young children and helps develop solutions.
We offer services to help the residents of Henderson, NC, such as child care subsidy for families needing financial assistance, quality enhancement grants for child care providers, professional development program, parents as teacher's programs, adolescent parenting program, and many more. Our goal is to meet your service needs with the highest quality service.

One goal of Smart Start is to establish a childcare system resulting in ''healthy children ready to succeed'' which can only be achieved if appropriate and adequate health and family support services are available to young children and their families. FGV Smart Start contributes to the health of young children through these programs.
Assuring Better Child Health and Development: ABCD trains primary healthcare professionals to use standardized tools to identify children who are at-risk for developmental delays and refer them to services.