Harris Chapel Baptist Church



About Us

We find in this verse of Scripture, pertaining to the first church in Jerusalem, some unique qualities still found in church today. These qualities can be best summed up in two distinct activities: worship and fellowship. Worship is when the church comes together as one body under the teaching of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This binding together in the worship of Christ is all the more enhanced as the church prays and seeks God's will for our lives and the life of His holy church.

True worship of God brings an intimate and especially dear fellowship amongst the brethren, a tie that is certainly unbreakable and undeniably binding. Christian church relationships are the sweetest and strongest of all life's relationships, for it is the precious, sanctifying, life-changing blood of Jesus Christ which holds us together. A church is a most interesting place. In the realm of church we find people who have differences, special needs, talents and gifts, as well as heartache and jubilation, and all these things can happen simultaneously, but the one common factor amongst the church is One Whose grace meets every need and overcomes every obstacle: Our Lord and Savior Jesus.