Moffat Properties, LLC

About Us

Moffat Properties blends the unique expertise of successful business owners with significant development experience.
Moffat Properties can help Identify, acquire and develop your new location. As business owners, they know what the clients need to tailor their location to their specific needs. Focused on the customer’s unique needs, they offer an experienced team ready to assist with land and/or property acquisition, development, construction and leasing. As construction professionals, Moffat Properties can identify cost effective locations while delivering the best product for our clients.

Moffat Properties will help you through every step,

Step 1 - Concept & Plan: At this stage we will investigate different financing options including business owner financing or leaseback. The leaseback option is unique to our Company, allowing you to tailor a building to your needs without taking on a large liability

Step 2 - Locate & Develop: After the location is acquired, our skilled development team will use our planning expertise to develop the property

Step 3 - Design & Build: Your design build team will consist of experienced project managers, construction estimators, engineers and architects who have years of combined building experience and knowledge.

Step 4 - Occupy & Prosper: Your building will be delivered on-time and within budget. With the leaseback option, we will continue our partnership as your trusted Landlord while you prosper and produce at your new, custom-designed facility.