PRTI, Inc.



About Us

PRTI was founded in 2013 to take a new, technology-focused approach to the global problem of waste tires. We partner with Tire Manufacturers, Waste Management Companies and State and Local Government to provide paid tire disposal services. We generate additional revenue by selling the industrial commodities we produce.

Traditional tire processing plants are large and very expensive to build. To be efficient, they have to transport large numbers of tires to a central location. However, tires are bulky and expensive to transport. Our patented PRTI Thermal Demanufacturing process is highly scalable across a wide range of facility sizes. We can build much smaller facilities next to the source of waste tires, greatly reducing transportation costs.

Traditional processing methods also have to cut up the tires before they can be processed. This wastes time, energy and money, and it reduces the value of the commodities being produced.

PRTI Thermal Demanufacturing processes whole tires. That costs less and generates higher quality commodities. All of the commodities we produce meet or exceed industry standards for purity and have a wide range of uses.

Waste tires are just the beginning of our journey. Our core team is deliberately drawn from a diverse range of industries, from life science and space to consumer electronics and manufacturing. This gives us a unique perspective and a systems-level approach to problem solving. PRTI’s long-term goal is to create technology-driven solutions for a wide range of large-scale industrial problems.