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About Us

Family friendly piercings in a private and relaxed atmosphere. All piercings are with sterile single use needles, no piercing guns! Appointments are still preferred for all piercings but walk-ins are welcome when time allows. Masks required by all who are able.

Gift shop full of unique jewelry, local made crafts, and vintage finds. Shopping is welcome during all business hours!

Currently I am doing the following piercings: ear lobes and cartilage, eyebrow, standard nose (nostril), belly button, nipples. Children and teens under 18 are required to bring a parent in to sign for them. Nipple piercings are always 18 and over with ID.

If you need help with a piercing I didn't perform reach out. I will gladly clean you up, check out the piercing, go over proper aftercare, switch to better fitting jewelry, or remove that painful piercing.


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